The candidate’s profile to the Master’s Degree in Tourism, Transport and Environmental Economics must be a student having a degree on:

1.    Old plans

      1. Graduated in Economic and Business Administration Sciences
      2. Graduated in Economics
      3. Graduated in Administration and Business Management

2.    New plans

      1. Graduated in Economics
      2. Graduated in Administration and Business Management
      3. Graduated in Tourism

3.    International degrees equivalent to the above ones

4.    Students coming from other degrees with a strong knowledge of Maths and Statistic. It must be proved with the proper certificates. Those students with knowledge of Economics and Econometrics will be preferentially chosen.

If there is a large number of applicants, exceeding the amount of the offered places, the following ones will be preferentially admitted, in this specific order:

      • Those students proving they have an official degree on Economics, Administration and Business Management or other subjects related to economics. They will be listed according to their academic records.
      • Those students having a different degree of the previous point, but proving a work experience in tourism, transport or environment. They will be listed according to the amount of working years.
      • All other applicants.

Additionally, the applicant to this Master’s Degree must prove his knowledge of the English language (B1 level), according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.



Pre-Enrolment and Enrolment

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