The Master’s Degree Tourism, Transport and Environmental Economics (offered by TIDES) has the clear vocation of promoting the international impact of different working methods, both for teaching and research, related to the analysis of tourism, transport and environment. It all started during the 2013-2014 academic course. So this qualification is an international master that will have the support of an external prestigious teaching team and will be taught in English. The quality of the programme is guaranteed by a group of researchers specialized in different areas, including tourism economics, transport economics, environmental economics, spatial economics, applied statistics, urbanism and territorial planning.


The overall objective of this Master Course is twofold. First, to provide specialized postgraduate education in the field of the economic analysis of tourism, transport and environment; and secondly, to train students in the handling techniques required to produce quality applied research so as to enable them either to continue their training in a Ph.D. programme, or to be competitively inserted in the labour market.

During the course, students will develop their skills in research and analysis in order to assess all issues related to tourism, transport and environment from various perspectives and apply their theoretical knowledge to practical situations.


ECTS hours: 25

Amount of credits: 60

Compulsory credits:  48

Credits of the Master Thesis::  12

Type of attendance: On campus

Courses: 1

Number of new students: 30

Language of study: English






Minimum credits for a full-time student: 60 for new enrolments/48-60 for second
Minimum credits for a part time student: 30 for new enrolments/18-30 for second


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