URSCAPES Research Group
(Engineering and Architecture in Tourism)


  • Landscape Architecture
  • Arqpa. Architecture, Patrimony and Participation
  • Atlas of the Outlying Areas of the Islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria
  • Geotechnical Characterisation of Volcanic Soils in Macaronesia
  • Building What is Already Built
  • Building What is Already Built
  • D+R+I Urban Design, Renovation and Innovation
  • Ecomaterial. Ecological and Cave Building Materials
  • The Open Space in Contemporary Architecture
  • Eschormgon. The Use of Rubble for Construction Materials
  • Off-site; Informal Space and Anti-monuments
  • Sustainable Concretes
  • IS_LAB. The Island as a Laboratory of the Anthropocene
  • New Materials
  • Cultural Heritage and Urban Law
  • [re]
  • Revaluation of Waste Material
  • Energy-efficient Structural Systems
  • Tourism, Landscapes and Collective Spaces