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Stated Preference Methods are useful tools aimed at assessing the social welfare impacts of public and private policies and play a key role in applied economic research. The workshop develops step by step stated preference models that are used for the economic assessment of policy initiatives.

The course will follow model-based peer-reviewed publications in international journals to cover contemporary policy issues in the áreas of sustainability, environmental, health and tourism economics. For the computer implementation of stated preference methods the course builds on the programming language R. The fundamental strength of R lies in that: i) it is a free software; ii) it is constantly improved by a large list of researchers in statistics, econometrics and applied fields; iii) it is an easy frme with which mathematically-defined models can be formulated and solved.

Material and teaching is in English. Registered participants will receive teaching material prior to the start of the workshop such that they can prepare in advance. Teaching will combine lectures on theoretical underpinnings with worked examples on model implementation based on peer-reviewed publications.




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Stated Preference Methods2016

  • Prerequisites

    Participants should be familiar with intermediate microeconomics. In the run-up to the workshop, participants should get to know the basics of the programming language R which is used for the numerical implementation of different non-market valuation technqiues as well as data management.

    A compact do-it-yourself R tutorial will be sent out to participants in advance.

    Participants are required to bring a laptop.


  • Target group

    The workshop is targeted to scientific researchers and policy analysts at universities, research centers, consulting companies and ministries that are interested in the economic impact assessment of policy interventions using stated preference methods.

    The workshop will pay special attention to the applied analysis of sustainability policies in áreas like tourism, environmental and health economics.

  • Your benefit

    The workshop provides you with state-of-the-art Stated Preference Methods in terms of designing and modeling techniques. Application of these techniques will allow you to gain insights into economic theory with numbers and to undertake comprehensive economic impact assessment of public and private policies based on real data.


  • Contact

    If you have further questions please contact: Jorge E. Araña



  • Accomodation

    We have reserved a limited number of rooms with special rates for the seminar participants at hotel “Igramar Las Canteras” in Las Palmas de G.C. You should contact “Turismat” directly for hotel reservation purposes.

    Send your requests to:


Bengt Kriström


Carmelo J. León González


Jorge E. Araña Padilla


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After receipt of the registration, the application is binding. In case of this application being cancelled within 7 natural days prior to the start of the seminar, seminar fees will be charged at their full amount. In case of earlier cancellation we will charge a handling fee of EUR 50. However, if you are unable to take part yourself, you are free to assign a representative to take your place. Enrolment is limited to 15 participants. If you are interested in this seminar make the plane and hotel reservations as soon as posible. End of November is still high season in Gran Canaria. The seminar will take place with a minimum number of 12 participants.



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