OPEN CALL FOR RESEARCH GRANT APPLICATION OF UNIVERSITY OF ALGARVE from our sister research center CinTurs R&D (Research Center for Tourism, Sustainability and Well-being)

TITLE: Six Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

A tender is now open for the attribution of six Postdoctoral Research Fellowship within the scope of our sister Reseaerch center -CinTurs R&D project/institution (Research Center for Tourism, Sustainability and Well-being), UIDP/04020/2020, under the following conditions:

Admission Requirements:

i) Hold a PhD degree obtained in the three years prior to the date of submission of the application for the scholarship;

ii) Had carried out the research work that led to the attribution of a doctoral degree in an entity other than the host of the scholarship (CinTurs);

iii) Have research experience in at least one of the three CinTurs research areas: Tourism, Territories and Environment; Tourism and Hospitality Management; Tourism, Leisure and Society;

iv) Have experience in publishing scientific articles in journals indexed in Scopus, in quartiles 1 or 2, in at least one of the scientific areas of the tender;

v) Have excellent knowledge of English (oral and written).

Deadline for applications and submission forms: the call is open from 04/03/2024 a 15/03/2024.

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