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Each year we receive 10 research professionals and conduct more than 30 research seminars.

This initiative aims to bring together all those interested in advancing academic knowledge in general, but especially in tourism and sustainable development

Research groups

Tides University Institute carries out quality research, with the aim of becoming a centre of excellence in the field of research into Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development and its associated and/or related fields. We intend to generate and circulate scientific knowledge about the tourism phenomenon, integrating ourselves into the tourism networks of excellence with the best crews in the world. To achieve this, we have organised ourselves into six research groups with related topics, while promoting interdisciplinary work.

Servicios para la sociedad

Servicios realizados por investigadores del Instituto Universitario TIDES, que se encuentren activos y que están relacionados con la innovación, pudiendo ser de utilidad para la Sociedad en general.

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